How to Convert HTML to PDF?

While we are surfing through web pages, we might come across something that we find interesting, inspiring or motivating. At times, we all want to save them offline to have access to those in our free time. In such scenarios, the web pages can be saved as an HTML file.

Now, whenever that HTML is clicked, you can see an offline web getting opened. This offline web page will look exactly like the online version. Moreover, you do not need internet connectivity to view the page. However, you can enjoy the read whenever you wish if you convert the HTML page into a PDF document. These PDF documents will include your web pages, articles, or blogs that are easier to collect, organize, and share whenever you want.

How to Convert HTML to PDF Online

There is a lot of information stored on web pages. This information can be used for several different purposes. Thus, most of the time, it is necessary to save the information you have read as it can be used in the future for another purpose. CocoDoc brings you a wonderful tool through which you can convert HTML to PDF online.

Step by Step Guide

Follow these easy steps to easily turn an HTML file into a PDF document through CocoDoc:

Step 1: Visit CocoDoc's HTML to PDF converter to convert HTML in a PDF document.

Step 2: Click the "Choose File" button to select the file you want to convert. You can also drop the file directly if you want.

Step 3: After your file is uploaded, click on the "Continue" button.

Step 4: The processing will take a few seconds. ONce completed, you'll see a blue button denoting "Download". Click the download button to download the PDF version of your HTML file.

How to Save HTML as PDF Offline

Use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

There is an extension of Adobe for Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Using this, we can convert a web page directly to a PDF. Here, we use Chrome to explain the steps.

Step 1: Install Adobe Acrobat to the browser from the Chrome web store.

Step 2: From the Toolbar, click on the Adobe icon. Now select "Convert Web Page To PDF". After that, choose a location, enter the desired file name. Click the "Save" button at the end.

Use Win2PDF

Software that works well on all Windows OS is Win2PDF. It will not only convert your HTML file into a PDF document, but you can also encrypt, add watermark, embed fonts and convert the PDF files. With the help of this software, the PDF files in your device can also be merged.

Step 1: We can open Win2PDF from the Windows Start menu.

Step 2: Drop a PDF file onto the Win2PDF icon.

Step 3: Now, right-click on the document in the Window Explorer, then choose Open With WinPDF2.


When you convert your HTML file into a PDF document, it feels as if you are virtually printing your web page. After our web page is converted into a PDF, you can save, edit and customize it according to the requirements.

First and foremost is to use any web browser and its extension to save a web page as an HTML file. To convert into a PDF, we can use Internet Explorer, Firefox and more. We can also use the Adobe PDF toolbar to save a web page directly.

The quality of the resultant PDF depends on how the page was coded and how print-friendly the web page was. In today's time, saving an HTML file as a PDF document is a luxury as well as a necessity. With CocoDoc, it has become easier to save HTML as PDF in minutes. The range of tools available can now help you to easily convert the file from one form to the other.