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Whether it is a single-page HTML document or multiple pages of a website, it can be converted to a single PDF using CocoDoc's services on your web browser.

Easy File Upload

Convert your HTML to PDF with CocoDoc's easy file-uploading process. Along with uploading files directly from computer, It caters files from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and even simple URLs.

Convert HTML to PDF Online

HTML to PDF free conversion has been simplified through CocoDoc. You can not only convert your documents with ease but store them in CocoDoc's drives, conserving you from unnecessary installations.

The Safe PDF Converter

CocoDoc is a trusted and reliable organization. We respect our customers' privacy and make sure that their data is kept safe.

Easy Converting

We have made sure that the conversion process is easy for our users. All the conversion settings are pre-configured by our algorithms. The user just has to upload documents.

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You can start your 14-days free trial from Basic to Enterprise plans and enjoy a wide range of features such as unlimited document size, 256-bit SSL Encryption, Customer Support, and more.

How To Convert HTML To PDF?

Follow these easy steps to turn a HTML file into a PDF document:

  • Step 1: To convert a single webpage of the website to PDF, paste the URL in the provided space.
  • Step 2: If you want to convert multiple web pages of a website, then paste each website's URL in a separate line.
  • Step 3: Click "Convert HTML to PDF" button. The processing will complete and your PDF document(s) will be presented to you.


Why is my PDF missing several characters?
If your PDF has missing characters, it means the font that is being used in the HTML webpage is not fully compatible with PDF conversion. To solve this, you can request the owner of the website for a font change, or you can download the web page and change it yourself.
How do I fix formatting when converting HTML to PDF?
CocoDoc's HTML to PDF converter preserves the formatting of HTML documents on its own. Therefore, the PDF document will look the same as the HTML webpage looks on a Mac or Windows computer.
Will the file I upload for conversion be stored online?
No, the source file is not stored online for reprocessing. However, the converted file can be stored online in the user's account for his/her ease of access.
Can I convert a webpage to PDF?
Yes, you can convert a webpage to PDF. The steps are the same as converting an HTML document to PDF. You simply have to visit CocoDoc, go to the "HTML to PDF" converter, and paste the link of your webpage there. The webpage will be converted to PDF.

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