How to Convert HTML to PDF?

Have you ever come across a webpage that was worth saving in an offline mode?

While we are exploring the web pages, we often find something really impressive and worth saving. To do so, we can keep the web pages as HTML files to access them even without having an internet connection. Taking a step further, we can even save this HTML file into a PDF, which will make the web pages more organized and secured.

Although, with the help of Google Chrome, you can save the HTML web page or a link as the PDF file, unfortunately, there will be no option to change the settings for this saved PDF file in this case. Several applications help the user to convert HTML into Pdf in a quite easy manner to resolve such types of issues. Let us look at some of the best solutions that both Windows and Mac users can use to convert HTML to PDF.

  1. CocoDoc
  2. Sejda
  3. Cloud Convert
  4. PDFonFLY
  5. PDFelement

Top 5 Free Online HTML TO PDF Converter

Let's look at these five tools in detail.


CocoDoc is a great pain reliever software. It is a one-stop solution to create, share, organize as well as edit several documents. This application is highly recommended among its users. The 14 days free trial makes it even better. Huge template library, google integrated, document security, high encryption make it the best tool to use in the real world.

Step by Step Guide

Follow these easy steps to turn an HTML file into a PDF document:

Step 1: To convert a HTML to PDF, visit HTML to PDF converter.

Step 2: Either drop or upload your file.

Step 3: Once uploaded, click on Continue.

Step 4: After the processing gets complete, click on the "Download" button to download your PDF.


Sejda is a straightforward tool to use. You just need to paste the web page URLs to convert them to PDF. Multiple web pages can be converted at one time by just pasting each URL on a separate line. The processing does not take much time. So, after clicking Convert HTML to PDF, you can wait for a few seconds. Once done, save the PDF documents after pressing the Download button. The whole process is user-friendly and takes almost no time for the converting process. It is trusted by millions of users worldwide, which makes it reliable too.

Cloud Convert

A great online document converter, CloudConvert supports XLSX, PPTX, DOCX, and PDF. Due to their advanced conversion technology, they do not compromise on the quality offered. 200+ format, Data security, Powerful API, etc., is what they are known for. You can quickly get your HTML file converted in no time by using this application.


PDFonFly provides you with a wide range of choices. You will probably get ample options here. Whether to convert HTML to PDF or convert Excel to PDF, this tool is all you need. This application is by far the best application that will help you in your day-to-day activities and will probably make it simpler.


PDFelement is another tool to convert HTML files to PDF. You can edit, manage, create and read while converting the PDF files. You do not need to have an active internet connection to use this software. While converting the HTML files to PDF files, pick only those pages that you wish to convert. Add passwords to them to begin the process and edit them after downloading.

The best HTML to PDF converter on Windows

CocoDoc is one of the best tools recommended by millions of its users. It is the one-stop destination to create, edit, organize, and share every type of document. It can easily be used to convert HTML to PDF. Not only that, it can be used to convert any document to other formats. CocoDoc is highly encrypted and gives its users a wide range of choices.


While exploring, often we come across many web pages which are worth saving in offline mode. To save those web pages, we need to convert them into HTML files, but due to many drawbacks, it is always recommended to save HTML files into PDF, which will be comparatively more organized, secured, and editable.

To help the users convert HTML files into PDF, many applications can be used. Some of them include - CocoDoc, Sejda, Cloud convert, PDFonFLY, PDFelement. These are by far the best applications for users. They will not only help you in converting HTML to PDF, but the majority of them will also help you in converting any type of documents into other formats. The reliability and encryption techniques make them the best applications to use. Among these five too, CocoDoc is the highly trusted and probably the best application known for its pain-relieving advantage. CocoDoc possesses a great level of trust and reliability due to its millions of users.